Cherokee County Sanitary Landfill

(I.D.N.R. Permit No. 18-SDP-1-75P) is operated by the Cherokee County Solid Waste Commission.

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  Household Hazardous Waste

We now accept Credit/Debit Cards for payments.

There will be a convenience fee of 2.5% of the payment with a minimum fee of $1.00 whichever is greater.

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Recycling Reminders

When improper materials are mixed in with recycling it can damage our equipment and cause more work for our staff. Here are some reminders to keep in mind when you’re preparing your recyclables.

  • Avoid trash in with your recyclables. See what can be recycled and what cannot be recycled.
  • Do not put your recycling in a plastic bag. All recycling must be loose in a container marked “RECYCLE”.
  • Do not put any plastic bags or plastic film in with your recycling.

These items can NOT be recycled:

  • Any container with traces of hazardous materials.
  • Any dirty or food-stained paper (paper towel, etc.)
  • Any household garbage, including diapers and food waste.
  • Styrofoam cups and Styrofoam packaging
  • Diabetic needles.



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